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Exam Results & Destinations

Performance Tables / Key Stage 4 Information

GCSE Results over Time

For a number of years the school has boosted GCSE results for our students and has, during this time, achieved a considerable number of success including:

• The school has been identified as one of the top 100 most improved schools in England.

• The school has received national rankings for progress as high as top 5% in England Overall, Top in England 7% for Maths; Top 6% in England for English (FFT)

• In 2013, 2015 and 2016 Progress was outstanding (At least in the top 15% in England)

Progress in 2017

Progress rates in 2017 are remain above average (0.04) ranking the 44th Percentile in England and %A**- C (9-4) rates in English & Maths combined of 58% are in line with National rates of 62%. The school also has the following successes:

• Achievement 8 (Best 8 grades) is a school record

• Our Attainment 8 scores are 46.3, higher than the Durham and UK average of 44.6 each. This means our progress 8 is +0.03, one of the highest in Durham.

• The school has record results in English/ Lit of 79% A**- C!

• In 2017 Option subjects still perform very highly (estimated rank – Top 10% in England)

• Disadvantaged student perform better than most schools in England

Top Subject Results in 2017

The following subjects have achieved some fantastic results for either (boosting GCSE grades (Progress) or A*-C grades (Attainment)

Information Technology
Top 1 % Attainment A**-C

Top 5% Progress Top 1% Attainment (A**-C)

Top 25% Progress

Top 5% Attainment (Average grade); Top 7 % A**-C

Sports Studies
Top 7% Progress, Top 1 % Attainment (A**-C)

Top 26% Progress; Top 8% A*-C

Photography Top 13 % Progress; Top 7% at boosting C+ grades

Top 27% on Attainment

English / Lit Attainment School record 79%

2017 Attainment Top 18% in England; 2nd highest A**-C in Durham
Progress Top 28% in England at C+ boosting

2016 Results and Previous Years


Destinations of Students from 2013 - 2017

Archived Destination Data


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