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Support For Newly Qualified Teachers

The school participated in an independent county wide review of the provision for Newly Qualified Teachers. Below are the outcomes of that review for FBEC.

“NQTs talked positively about the support in their early career stages, and the positive environment schools leaders and teachers create for them.

There is a clear culture of supporting the NQT as a person first, then as a teacher second.

There is a clear cycle of: observation/scrutiny - CPD - discussion about impact that is having a positive effect on the progress of the teachers.

Professional development opportunities are designed to support the individual needs of the NQTs. This is formed from an excellent balance of well-designed in school programme and opportunities to work across the trust.

Induction Tutors guide NQTs effectively to see practice in similar subject styles or with similar teaching groups.

Subject mentors are extremely responsive to the needs of the NQTs. They recognise the need to provide timely support to NQTs who are proactive in wanting to develop their teaching skills.

The deployment of a learning coach to provide an alternative support strategy for the NQT in English has been extremely effective, and well received by the NQT as an alternative way of learning. This is an example of good practice that should be considered widening in the future.

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