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Information for Students and Parents

Click Here to download a message from Durham Police on the Issue

Selfie information parents (and students) should know

Take a look at our school's E-Safety Policy

There’s no debate: who knows more about the internet – adults or young people? Young People win hands down. There are loads of great things to do online – playing games, listening to music, finding out information, picture and video messaging from your phone and chatting to friends on IM or email, but there are issues that you need to think about when you use all of these.

There are several things which you need to know in order to stay safe.

The following websites provide great information to all aspects of staying safe online and also contain advice on what to do if you are or know a victim of cyber bullying or any other social problem online.

Some Helpful Guides to your favourite apps


To all students, make sure you are clued up!, If you think you know everything about online safety, you probably don't! No one can know everything, but its important that we educate ourselves to help stay safe online!

Wud U? Is an educational tool for teachers and care professionals who interact with young people that might be at risk of sexual exploitation?

The app aims to educate young people about behaviour that could put them at risk of being sexual exploited, through illustrated, interactive stories. Wud U? will enable you to present sensitive issues to your group of young people. You will be able to discuss the decisions that they would make if they were in the same situation as the characters within the stories. This app also offers advice about their decisions

Download from itunes/googleplay now!

Do you know?

Do you realise the school logs every Google search you make, every website you visit, every file you create and access?

These records are checked daily for misuse and any offensive material is reported.

Is your Facebook or Twitter profile private? Do you really know? Check your privacy settings. If in doubt, speak to ICT Support.

Do you know every image, song, video on the Internet has some form of copyright? If found downloading them, you can be fined thousands of pounds?

Did you know you are completely responsible for your own login for the school, email, Facebook and so on?

If someone knows or gets your password and misuses your account, YOU are responsible for any trouble. ‘It wasn’t me logged on’ isn’t an excuse. Teachers/Staff, even the Police agree.

Online games in school aren’t a right, if the site is blocked, it’s for a good reason.

If you know of any misuse online, if you are being contacted by people you don't know or you are receiving abuse, tell someone! If you are worried, then report it!

Goto CEOP to report incidents

 Click here to download a Guide on Sexting/Images if you are concerned or not sure what to do. (3MB PDF)


For reference, our protection officers are: -

Tim Pinkney - Child Protection Officer

Miss G Bowden - Deputy Child Protection Officer

Reverend K Lumsdon is the governor who has responsibility for CP


The Government have release a helpful document explaining what parents can do to keep their child safe online.

&nbsp&nbsp- Government Social Media Guidance

The best portal for finding out what you need to know to keep your child safe online

Vodafone have released a great booklet to help parents understand how technology is used by children (Good and Bad) and how to help them.

 Vodafone Guide (14mb PDF)

In addition, Durham County Council have an official Guide to Download

The Official Durham Guide

A Parents link for advice on safely using the internet

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