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2018 Pupil Premium - Strategy Development

Strategy Development

The main strategy will focused on key subjects of English and Maths and as well as overall achievement from starting points, in essence Value Added. The focus is to close gaps between Disadvantaged and Non Disadvantaged students, regardless of their level of need, which a reflection of the schools main aim – Achievement for all. The main barriers that students face are one of achievement on entry (see later) as they are significantly behind their peers on arrival.

The Pupil Premium and overall strategy is very much pupil focussed and as such is reviewed on a daily basis as the school to best meet the needs of individual students. Overarching considerations are planned in to coincide with curriculum development meetings and the master class programmes.

Step 1: £100,000 (35%)

Allocation of Additional Support for English & Maths that included

• In class support to enhance feedback
• Employment of a HLTA for Maths
• Increased staffing in both English and Maths to meet the demands of a master class programme
• Smaller class sizes to improve opportunities for feedback
• Small master class groups with additional staffing for all ability levels
• 1-1 Tuition and small group work after school with additional staffing support
• Registration booster groups with additional staff

Stage 2: £90,000 (31%)

Wider Intervention including curriculum innovation

• Increasing the breadth of the curriculum into aspects such as Engineering
• Transportation for late buses to allow attendance at master classes
• Additional after school and within school support for curriculum subjects including booster sessions for EBacc subjects
• Registration booster groups with additional staff
• A Nurture Group for Year 7, level 3 students and ‘Nurture Group +’ in Year 8
• Work experience placements and ‘Work Experience +’ to enhance employment opportunities
• Additional support to enhance progress across the EBACC components.
• Contribution towards employing high performing personnel in EBacc

Stage 3: £70,000 (24%)

Increasing Student Engagement & Pastoral Support
• Shared costs with LSC to maximise engagement
• School counsellor to support emotional needs and signpost to more substantial services
• Enhanced Transition from KS2 to KS3 (Ofsted Outstanding)
• Enhanced Educational Psychology support
• Hard to Reach Project and Improved Behaviour support
• Employment of the schools Attendance Officer

Stage 4: £20,000 (7%)

Accelerated Reader

1. Increased funding to enhance the scope of reading
2. Increased staffing to ensure that reading is central to developments

Evaluation of Progress

The school will assess progress of disadvantaged students compared to their Non-Disadvantages peers in school and national progression rates. Currently the school use Value Added and Progress statistics.

The next evaluation of Disadvantaged Progress will be towards Christmas and the school will use FFT, EEF and Government data to give a clearer comparison with updated national standards

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