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Pupil Premium Rationale

The school makes extensive use of evidenced based EEF strategies and themes and takes time to identify new promising strategies* on the EEF website to further add value to holistic school approach.

These include a focus on:

Behavioural strategies (EEF Rank + 3 months)
This includes a focus on ethos, improving discipline at a classroom and whole school level and a focus on low level behaviour. This is combined with small group support via our LSC and behavioural support groups and a restorative approach.

Strategic extension of school time (EEF Rank +2 months)
The school promotes significant after school master classes, based on students actively opting to attend. As such the systems are reward based and focus on the schools respect for them and the actions that THEY are taking to steps to improve their outcomes and futures, which moves students towards progress in Metacognition +8 months

Mastery Learning (+5 months)
The school employs additional staff that allow us to work on mastery and sustaining these developed skills. It happens both as part of the curriculum and after school and is in the vein of tutorials. The plan uses small groups (+4 months) and improved feedback

Feedback (+8 months)
A major focus of our teaching and learning programme is to align our first teaching, questioning, marking and feedback to allow students to respond to extra challenges, to understand how they can improve. Our master classes focus on development rather than a students standard on that day.

Homework (+5 months)
The school has taken steps to highlight the importance of homework and have utilised IT systems to better communicate and remind students about the homework that is expected. We have also piloted new styles of homework such as menus and differentiated levels of difficulties that all students can access

Parental involvement ( +3 months)
The school has an extensive pastoral system that goes beyond standard approaches. Key to this is involvement of parents, particularly where students are experiencing difficulties. The school hosts specific staff to support hard to reach students and families. These staff support and challenge parents with regard to attendance and progress, but also support with counselling and health needs. The school does communicate actively with parent via text messages* ( + 1 month) and via postcards and phone calls, although this interaction can be further strengthened with a more systematic approach.

Accelerated reader (+3 months)
Accelerated reader is a web based program that encourages children to read for pleasure. The school has moved away from a traditional school library, where too often old, uninspiring books were acting as mere ornaments. The school has invested heavily in accessible and interesting literature and this forms the basis of a curriculum allocation that is provided to lower school students.

Even Better if

We intend to develop systems that encourage Peer tutoring as this could have a significant impact (EEF +5 months)

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