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Literacy and Numeracy Premium 2018-19


"The School is Typically in receipt of £10,000 of additional funding"

The Group

The Nurture Group was established in September 2013 for students with special educational needs, low ability or who have been identified by primary schools who may need a little more help. These students could find the transition to secondary school very difficult to deal with, which in turn, could hinder their achievement in Year 7 as they deal with the massive change and emotional difficulties this brings.

Changes such as finding their way around the school, getting to know a lot of different teachers, moving classrooms every hour can be difficult for some students. Therefore, it was felt that by having a Nurture Group, where a majority of the lessons are taught by the same teacher (who is a former primary school teacher) in the same classroom, would help the children settle into secondary school more quickly. It would allow them to build a good relationship with the teacher and therefore feel supported and nurtured in school.

The Nurture Group provides a safe and structured environment, providing students with the opportunity to develop emotionally and socially, and builds on students’ strengths and interests in order to encourage a sense of achievement and success.


The Nurture Group aims to:
• To accelerate pupil progress and allow them to catch up with their peers
• Enable students to feel safe and secure within their environment
• Raise self-esteem and develop social skills and a positive attitude
• Develop strengths and interests, promoting a sense of achievement and success
• Offer a safe base
• Build positive relationships

Individual Support Packages

As part of the nurture group we offer bespoke support packages which may include:
• Handwriting
• Literacy and numeracy intervention
• Behaviour support
• Confidence and self-esteem intervention (LEAP Group)
• 1:1 mentoring
• Peer mentoring


Impact of Investment 2017 /18

The Investment in the Nurture Group students have a significant impact on rates of progress and helps students to catch up at a more rapid rate that students nationally.

In 2017/18 students:


• Improved their average English score from an E1 to an E3 with a target of E2+


• Improved their average Maths score from an 2.66 (E1) to 3.39(E2)


• 100% of students achieved their Target for the year with over 1/3 of students exceeding expectations


Nurture group students enjoy school; their attendance is very good. It is amongst the highest in the school. In 2017/18 half the class have 100% attendance and the median attendance is typically around 97%.


2018 Settling in Pupil Voice

We are pleased with our views of our new nurture group students where

92% are enjoying school
100% are enjoying the Nurture Group
92% are extremely happy to ask questions / help, with 8% quite happy

“Everybody is kind”

“Its very good”

Are two of the nice comments from our students.

2016-17 Catch Up Premium Information

2015-16 Catch Up Premium Information

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