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These are unprecedented times for us all but here at FBEC we are trying to continue to provide an education for all of our students.  Teachers have set a mass amount of work to keep students busy and preoccupied at home but we appreciate this comes with it's challenges.  Below are some frequently asked questions we have had so far:

'We don't have a printer at home, how come we print off resources?'

Don’t worry, you can type your answers on your computer or write them up the upload your work using Class charts so there’s no need to print anything off.

'I don't have a keyboard for my home computer'

Write your answers in your exercise book.  If you’d like your teacher to respond, take a picture and upload for your teacher

'The work is too difficult/I don't understand'

Ask one of our experts. You can email all teachers in a department by sending it to one email address.  For example to get help with some English work you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and someone from that department will get back to you.

'I'm worried about getting into trouble if work isn't completed'

These are difficult times.  Do your best and try to follow your timetable wherever you can.  Email one of the experts if you need more help.

'How do I upload my work'

If teachers have set the homework task to all file submission, you should see the following button within the homework task:


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