FBEC students travelled to Voss, Norway in February of this year for 6 days of skiing. Before embarking on the trip all our students attended a dry ski slope session at Silksworth Ski slope to begin to master the basic skills of skiing. This year the group flew from Edinburgh to Oslo, Olso to Bergan and then transferred to the resort of Voss by coach. Over the next 6 days the students spent 4 hours each day learning how to ski. Most students began the week as very much beginners. The conditions for skiing this year were absolutely perfect with lots of sunshine and snow. By the end of the week the whole group had made a massive amount of progress from baby slopes all the way up to attempting parts of the most difficult runs, which black runs. The students showed a massive amount of desire and determination throughout the week to make as much progress as they did and this was partly due to most students putting in extra practice during the week before lessons started and at lunchtime. It was great to see them interacting with instructors and each other. Other activities the students were involved in on an evening included Indoor Sky diving at VOSSVIND, Voss games and swimming at the new pool in Voss. We have already started planning for 2019!