The Board of Trustees have a role to support and challenge Schools, Headteachers and Governing Bodies to improve educational standards.
Broadly speaking the Board of Trustees represent the Education and Business aspects of the MAT. We are grateful to the following Trustees for supporting the Eden Learning Trust.

1. Ms Irene Lavelle - Pupil Progress
2. Mr Keith Lumsdon - Safeguarding
3. Mr Garry Stout - Pupil Progress and Ofsted
4. Mr David Shearer – Post 16 Progression
5. Mr Kevin Brennan – FBEC Headteacher
6. Mr Sean Barnett – HR, Mergers
7. Mr Stuart Raw –Accounts
8. Mr Guy Summerville – Information Technology
9. Ms Kate Grieveson - Law
10. Mr Richard Roberts – Business Banking

Expressions of Interest

• Mrs Mandie Spence – HR and Safeguarding

Other representation at the Board of Trustees

• Mrs Louise Edgar – Finance Director