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Events Analysis

Analysis of France Trip March 18

95% of students enjoyed the trip and would recommend it to others.

The most popular aspects of the trip:

19% of students liked everything about the trip
19% liked meeting new people
23% liked visiting the historic sights

Analysis of Ski Trip February 18

6/13 (46%) students enjoyed ALL of the ski trip.

1 student enjoyed everything except the skydiving

5/13 (38%) students enjoyed the skiing and slopes

Skills that were learned: teamwork, confidence, balance and resilience, as well as learning how to ski.

100% of students would recommend this trip to others.

‘It is a once in a lifetime experience.’


HMD Trip Analysis January 18

100% of students would recommend the trip to others.

The knowledge most developed on this trip was of hate crime and what is was like during the Holocaust.


Peer Mentor Questionnaire January 2018

• The main reason students volunteered to become peer mentors was to help people

• Meeting and talking to new people and helping people is the aspect most enjoyed about being a peer mentor

• Only 3 students could identify an improvement to the peer mentor scheme

• Lots of skills have been developed by students by being a peer mentor

• Helping is the favourite aspect of being a peer mentor

• 100% would recommend being a peer mentor to friends mainly to help people have fun and learn new skills


Year 8 Healthy Living Carousel 1st November 2017

• All students learned something new with the majority learning something new about energy drinks

95% of students enjoyed the workshops

• The most unpopular workshop was healthy lifestyle (32%)

• 47% of students will change their lifestyle as a result of the workshops with not drinking energy drinks being the most popular answer (33%)


Year 9 Healthy Living Roadshow November 17

• 90% of students learned something new during the Healthy Living day with info on alcohol and drugs being the most popular answer (31%)

• 72% said info on the day surprised them with info on drugs and energy drinks being the most popular answer (18% each)

• The most popular sessions were the drugs session (30%) and the alcohol session (30%)

• The least popular sessions were hate crime (19%) and mental health (19%)

• 75% of students said the sessions have changed the way they live their life with drinking less energy drinks being the most popular answer (33%)

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