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Year 7 - Settling In Survey - Taken October 2018

Here at FBEC, we ask our new year 7 parents to do a very short survey in October, based on their initial experience of our school

This year we asked just over 100 parents to give us their views, below are the results

Results show positive answers in the form of percentage eg. 100% would mean everyone had answered 'Strongly Agree' or 'Agree' on the questionnaire.

  • My child enjoys school? - 99%
  • The school keeps my child safe - 99%
  • The school has made it easy for my child to move to secondary school - 99%
  • Before your child started school, if you attended the Year 6 open evening in 2017, had you...

Already made your mind up before hand to send your child to this school - 80%
Weren't sure before hand but changed your mind after the open evening - 20%

Below are some comments left by past Yr7 parents as well

"Both my child's parents attended fbec when they were younger so we already knew this school would be good for him, we then gave him the option which secondary school he'd like to attend and he chose this one, then after the opening evening in 2015 all three of us were 100% sure this was the school for him."

"From my child "it is the best school in the world"

"Given the outstanding reviews before my child entered into this secondary school, I wouldn't send her anywhere else."

"I think the taster days she attended while still in primary school were very helpful and supportive in the transition as she knew what to expect and where to go. Although she was very very nervous for her first day I cant imagine how much worse she will have been if she had not had these days."

"My son had decided he wanted to come here, I was still undecided. I was impressed by the attitude of the staff and in particular the leadership. This convinced me that it was the correct school for my son. "

"Really pleased with my son's progress since stating the school in September. He has settled very well and we strongly believe that he will develop academically throughout year seven. Very impressed with his attitude to learn."

"Lots of Previous positive experiences when dealing with fbec in my day job, like the social aspect of support "


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