Need help with something?, not sure who to ask?


If you need help with anything in school, there are a number of people who are here to help. There are also a number of national help lines available if you need some advice. This are a just a view examples of what is available, but if you do need any help, please ask!

In school help: (Who to ask for help)

Student suffering harm or is unsafe - see your Head of Year, Miss Bowden or Mr Brennan

Bullying - see your tutor, your Head of Year, school counsellor, Miss Bowden or Mr Brennan

Homework - see your class teacher, or Head of Year

Careers advice, including applying for college or apprenticeships - see Miss Hanson

Friendship problems - See your Head of Year, or the school counsellor

Academic questions including option choices - see your Head of Year or Miss Gibson

Internet Safety - see your Head of Year, Miss Lea or Mr. Webb

Radicalisation - see Mr.Brennan

Lesbian, Gay, Bi sexual or Transexual Advice - see the school counsellor, Miss Anderson or Miss Hanson

Young Carer – Please speak to Miss Bowden or Lynsey School Counsellor

Computer Trouble - Speak to your classroom teacher or ask Mr.Webb

National Help

Childline - 0800 1111

Childline Counsellor - Google Childline 1-2-1 chat

Text ASK followed by your question to 80800 (The text is free)
Erase Exploitation
Erase Child Exploitation

Family Action – The Bridge Young Carers Service - 0191 3832520
Watch their video

Internet/Social Media Help

For problems/questions involving Internet/Social Media , take a look at our Stay Safe Online pages

Educate Against Hate

Information from the Government on how to protect/educate people against extremism and radicalisation. For Parents and Students